North Island




Virtu Financial is one of the world’s leading market-makers in securities traded on electronic markets around the globe. The company leverages cutting edge technology to deliver liquidity and innovative, transparent solutions to its trading clients. Virtu makes markets in more than 19,000 securitites and other financial instruments on more than 235 unique exchanges, markets, and liquidity pools in 36 countries around the world.

North Island led a $625 million investment in Virtu in July 2017, which helped finance the company’s acquisition of KCG Holdings, thereby extending Virtu’s operating model and technology to KCG’s broad institutional client base. North Island reacted quickly to perform due diligence, assess the synergy plan, prepare financial and operating models and assemble the capital necessary to get the deal done within three months.

Following the closing, Glenn Hutchins and Bob Greifeld joined the company’s Board of Directors.